Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE)

Autonomy needs Cybersecurity.

In the joint research project MUM2, FKIE takes responsibility for the cybersecurity of the modular, unmanned multi-purpose underwater vehicle, including its remote control, its autonomous operation mode, and its missions. Project goal is an underwater vehicle with validated cybersecurity according to state of the art. Thereby, the valuable vehicle gains a competitive and crucial advantage as being protected against misuse, theft, sabotage, and destruction.

In a cyber risk analysis, vulnerabilities for cyberattacks of the underwater vehicle will be systematically examined. Based on identified vulnerabilities, attack scenarios will be developed, and requirements will be derived to harden the system against those attacks, as effectively as possible following the secure-by-design principle. To this end, a tailored development, simulation, and test environment will be implemented and used. Provision for the unlikely event of a nevertheless successful cyberattack is enabled by rapid intrusion detection and adequate response measures. FKIE’s work will be performed in close co-operation with project partners supporting their parallel activities of component development and production in order to make cybersecurity an integral part of the underwater vehicle. Eventually, the cybersecurity of the demonstrator will be validated and presented.