thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

Bringing the system to life.

The use of so-called eXtra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (XLUUV) for tasks in the oceans offers great eco-logical and economic potential. MUM is a system like no other to exploit this potential.
The feasibility of a modular XLUUV kit for a wide range of tasks was demonstrated in the MUM research project from 2017 to 2020. In order to realize the potentials, we will now develop, build and test a demonstrator system on this excellent basis. The knowledge gained in the project and the results achieved will subsequently be developed into a marketable product.

In addition to researching and developing platform technology for the system kit, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is integrating the research findings of the project partners into the overall system. thyssenkrupp MS draws on its ex-pertise in submarine technologies such as fuel cell and battery systems with industrially relevant performance lev-els. Sustainable development and adaptability of the system is ensured by the company’s digital systems engineering approach. MUM will be the first vessel produced without paper drawing in the company’s more than 175-year his-tory.

The group subsidiary ATLAS ELEKTRONIK develops the software and hardware for mission planning, mission execu-tion and the remote connection of operators. The perception of the vehicle’s environment is of particular im-portance, as the vehicle must be able to operate safely both underwater and above water.

An extensive test phase will demonstrate the functionality and usefulness of the system from 2024 onwards.