thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

Empowering the design.

In PowerMUM thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will develop the overall vehicle concept for MUM. In close collaboration with Berlin Technical University it will translate the general operating concept into a draft vessel design. The individual developments from all partners will be brought together in PowerMUM in several “Front End Engineering Designs” (FEED). Special attention will be paid to the utility of the concept, supported by an expert advisory group.

At hardware level thyssenkrupp will develop the fuel cell energy supply including reactant storage and test it in stationary 1:1 scale trials. Pressure hull solutions will also be delivered to permit modularity and deep diving depths. To verify the calculation method a scaled-down version of the developed pressure hull solution will be tested in initial trials. A further critical capability of the vehicle – setting down and lifting loads – will be enabled via a trim and control system being developed by thyssenkrupp. In close collaboration with the University of Rostock the associated control concept will be developed and mapped in a model test.
thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is also acting as organizational coordinator for the project.