Technische Universität Berlin

Form follows function.

The DesignMUM project will identify potential application scenarios and their parameters. Alongside the expertise of the partners, the advisory group should also be involved in this phase. Building on this, initial concepts for the design, structure and future operation of a large, modular, unmanned underwater vehicle will be developed. DesignMUM will also address three key areas in module development and system evaluation:
  • 1. Structural module solution
  • 2. Structural analysis & evaluation
  • 3. Design-to-cost strategy
For the structural module solution, dynamic payload operations – i.e. the setting down and lifting of loads – and ways to realize them will first be analyzed. The sub-systems and components derived from this will be broken down into base and mission modules. For the structural analysis and evaluation, a system simulation will be created that incorporates the internal processes and coupled multi-body motions of the system and payload.
In order to turn the MUM system into a competitive product in the medium term, DesignMUM will develop a design-to-cost strategy specifically for unmanned underwater vehicles. Technical, economic, operating, ecological and logistical evaluation options will also be devised along with corresponding optimization approaches. To validate the results developed in the project a model of the modular vehicle concept will be created. The trials planned for the model cover the entire spectrum of system validation activities, from the testing of individual components and algorithms to the performance of complex payload operations.