Universit├Ąt Rostock

Total control.

The aim of the subproject MUM2control of the University of Rostock is the research and development of technologies for the automatic control of a large, modular and unmanned vehicle network for the execution of complex payload and multi-vehicle operations. The subproject creates the basis for highly automated up to potentially autonomous operations in order to realize innovative application scenarios, for example highly automated payload operations using heterogeneous vehicle constellations. The superior application objective is to implement a payload operation for the installation and maintenance of underwater systems using an underwater vehicle carried as a manipulator. In this scenario, a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), carried by the MUM vehicle, will be used to perform an autonomous gripping operation.

The activities of the University of Rostock are organized in three main development work packages. A generic motion control system for the full-scale MUM is being developed. The focus is on scaling the methods developed in the MUM research project and on adapting and implementing the control system for integration into the vehicle guidance system in a way that is suitable for industrial use. Furthermore, a development priority is the multi-vehicle motion control for automatic interaction with structures/modules, whereby a distributed control approach for the multi-vehicle motion control for the coordination and collaboration of vehicle agents is developed. Finally, the control scheme for a multi-vehicle system is integrated, in order to perform automatic docking/undocking of payload modules. In a final development step, on the one hand, the fault-tolerant control system is methodically implemented for the full-scale MUM and extended by approaches for multi-vehicle systems. Also in this case, the industrial implementation of the fault-tolerant control system for integration in the vehicle guidance system of the MUM full-scale demonstrator is the aim of the work.