Universität Rostock

Total control.

In the framework of AutoMUM, the University of Rostock will contribute its expertise in control technology during the groundwork phase. It will then develop new methods for generating models and controlling flexible underwater vehicle structures. In addition to ensuring the viability of the mechanical modularity of the vehicle design, the “transformer concept” also needs to feed into the MUM’s automatic control systems. Based on this, forecast methods will also be investigated, culminating in the mapping of intrinsic and extrinsic safety for large autonomous vehicles against the background of a fault-tolerant mission management system.
To ensure a large unmanned vehicle can operate safely, it needs anticipatory capabilities. Consequently, one sub-objective of AutoMUM is to forecast the movement of objects in the operating area to enable the fault-tolerant mission management of linked systems. All available information will feed into the generation of an extensive data basis. Finally the developments will be validated in trials with a functional model.